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2020       since 2020 working for Schattdecor
               Department of Colouration 

2018       till 2019  
               BW Schoolarship holder

               Fukuoka, Japan
               Kyushu Sangyo University 

2016       since 2016 working for CARPT 

               brand and collection


2015       trainee - Linea Spotly s.r.l., Lipomo 

               (Studio Elle - Stamperia di Lipomo)

               digital and screenprinting designs

               via ComOn - Creativity Sharing


2012       till 2020 student of Textile Design 

               at the State Academy of Art and Design Stuttgart,


               Class Prof.Karl Höing


2012       assistant - hand screen printing studio DogDay,

               Berlin, Germany

               for the autum/winter collection

               by Engelbrot Mode Berlin


2011      internship at FAHRER-Berlin,

              product development (3 Month), Germany


2009      foundation Label hennensindtoll

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